Our Company

We took off twenty-two years ago. Since then, we have never stopped seeking and pursuing what we are really good at: creating wide-ranging, international entertainment, with an Italian touch. We kept growing, crafting unique events which express the true soul of our excellent clients and that are meant to be unforgettable.

Visionair Brand was established in 1996, when the Owner, Newil Makran, arrived in Italy, bringing with him skills and competencies. Newil funded a dance company for professional dancers and he proposed in Italy a new way of doing entertainment.

With an academic background in fashion design and event management, he’s at the same time a creative director, a fashion stylist and a businessman from Belgium.

“Starting from a vision, I created a visionary project and I called it Visionair.”

Newil has been the art director of several artistic events, also joining the creative team for commercials by Reebok, Adidas and Tim for Smau Milan. Recently, he’s been the creative consultant for Moet&Chandon, Belvedere and Gas Italy.

His intuition led him to develop ultimate shows and events, joining forces with Atelier Invictus.

A key successful factor of Visionair offering can be identified in the impressive costumes, sets and prop sets, whic are used for show production. They are designed and produced in Italy, by designers, engineering and other professionals and artisans.

Nowaday, Visionair operates in Italy, France, Monaco Principate (Monte Carlo), Switzerland, Turkey,
Germany, UK (London), Slovenia, UAE (Dubai), Philippines (Manila) and Croatia (Dubrovnik).

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